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“A very straightforward, no BS approach to commercial real estate investment taught by a team of successful investors. I highly recommend for anyone interested and ready to take action in the commercial real estate space.”

“This course opened my eyes to the possibilities that are in my reach. The modules provide a basic understanding of what it takes to set up and execute commercial real estate deals and provides the resources needed to dive deeper. After completing this course I feel like I am equipped to start my journey in commercial real estate.”

“This course is the foundation I needed to get started in multifamily real estate. Combined with the mastermind group, this is one of the best offers out there.”

We Went From Middle Class to Millionaires in Under 2 Years


We have a combined 25 years of Real Estate Investing experience and 30 years of US Military experience.


After joining forces in 2019, we set a goal to buy our first large apartment complex. After just 6 months of collaboration, we purchased a 119 apartment complex in Lubbock, Texas.


We carried that momentum into more real estate deals to build a portfolio of over 500 doors, $20MM in assets under management, and raised over $2.5MM in capital in under 18 months.


In 2022, we created the Middle Class to Millionaire group to help other hard working people escape the rat-race and find their path to financial freedom through Multifamily Real Estate Investing.